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Heart, mind, and soul he says

Little does he know

I heard those three words you stumbled

I know, I fell head first

I knew it would turn out for the worst

That night you completely  brain fucked me

There is something you didn’t see

I know that your sprit is not gone but in hiding

And your heart is still fighting

You don’t have to believe me

I know what I see

You have been on the edge for a long time

I see it in your forced smile

The one that says,

I am not okay

My mind tells me to walk away

My heart is telling me to stay

I was never suppose to cry in front of you

I should have turned and closed my eyes

Instead of letting you see right though

I don’t like it when people see what’s inside

I knew what was going on

I knew what was going to happen

But here with you

Is where I stand

And that’s why I cant stand

Just to call you friend

You told me I need some one to treat me right

Since then my heart and head are in a fight

Mind telling me to run  

My  heart telling me to stay

My soul told me what I was doing was wrong

The thing is, we both knew it all along

But you treated me in such away

That makes me want to stay

I am used to being treated like a piece of ass

That’s what scared the shit out of me when you stopped and asked

I had fallen for you

that’s why I didn’t know what to do

By the silence you know

That I had fallen for you

“Oh F***” was your response

By that second my should and mind were gone

My heart was left there bleeding though my tears rolling down my cheek

I didn’t know how to speak

You warned me from the start

That I should be careful about my heart

Not to get attached

That’s something for so many reasons you cant offer

You say if you could, you would  change things in a heart beat

And I couldn’t help but stare at you sitting in that seat

A couple drinks, soo good, so far

You have no Idea who I am let alone who you are

I couldn’t talk to you because my heart and mind were so far down

I also have been and in open water, and about to drown

He said I don’t want to scare you make you think its over

The way you talked I don’t think tonight,

I am incapable of being sober

I let my heart go to far

No matter how much you didn’t want this

No matter how much you tired

This is something that you cant change

There is a place in my heart where there is going to be a scar  

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