adult content

movement in the dark

a womans deep moans

silhouettes in the shadows

sounds of heavy breathing

everywhere and all over

growling and hissing

angry words exchanging

the sound of skin hitting skin

this way, that way

speed increasing

a mans howl

a womans scream






do you want it?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

mmmmm....i love this poem..hehe..not my best but eh..

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Marquis DeBlood's picture

How does one answer such a queston as this without a simple yes...

Ruth Lovejoy's picture

I think this piece is great, it shows passion of the moment and shows from subtle hearts and flowers romance to the nitty gritty of things where it is the inner urge that must be satisfied from love to lust back to love as it were...

Micheal Kitchen's picture

....i started at brandnew messiah, then to marquis deblood, now to you, and in my opinion you three are the most talented on this site.

I know i am underage, but i still love this piece.