Angel of Malevolence (Apostles pt 1)


Wandering the world without a face,

Each step soiled with tainted grace,

Watch my halo turn to thorns,

A broken smile has been reborn.

A twisted look of tribulation,

Tormented smiles of mutilation,

Darkened heart turned bitter and fake,

Fragile bones ready to break.

Angel of Sorrow, Angel of Pain,

A cold, black heart, my only remains,

Angel of Anger, Angel of Wrath,

Death to all who step in my path.

Ink-stained wings upon my back,

Empty eyes, the darkest black,

I'll take all I don't deserve,

Numb, cold silence stinging every nerve.

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Silver Fox's picture

wow i like the use of the words verry kool

Kason Enre Nvidiade

Dan Wilson's picture

It's good yo, I kinda like it.