till my jaw got sore

Dirty Hot Sex

nothing to do

this town is such a bore

standing around

at the corner liquor store

you pulled your car over

and opened the door

and tried to pick me up

like i'm some kind of whore

i won't take it the wrong way

i've heard it before

i climbed in to go back to your place

to get what i came for

i start to become intoxicated

from all of the drinks you pour

and i became overwhlemed

by all of the cologne you wore

so i sucked you off

till my jaw got sore

we had sex on your bed

and again on the floor

everything you did

left me begging for more

until i came to a screaming orgasm

that shook me to the core

then you fell asleep

and started to snore

and i walked myself back

to the corner liquor store

Author's Notes/Comments: 

For Ash and Perry, here to lots of great sex!! woo hoo!!

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