Held at gunpoint

Two months ago I decided to visit another state.

I thought it would be fun but it turned out not to be so great.

As I walked by Lindsay Lohan's house, I heard a loud cry.

I ran in her yard and saw her being held at gunpoint by a strange guy.

He was enraged and he wanted her dead.

He threatened to pull the trigger as he held the gun to her head.

I tried to reason with him but he shot me in the shoulder.

I fell to the ground and decided to make a move that was bolder.

When I got up, I threw a handful of dirt in his eyes.

I kicked the gun out of his hand and then I clobbered the guy.

Lindsay offered me a reward but I turned it down.

I already got a reward just by knowing that she's still around.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is a fictional poem

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Hey, you must really like Lindsay Lohan.