kai's back

its so easy to be thrown away.

Someone else is ready to take your place.

feeling alone and so used.

Like as if you've been mentaly abused.

Heart feeling weak, mind half dead.

Running over all the hating words thats been said.

If its so easy to let go of me.

Letting me suffer through hell and missory.

Droping me alone, in a place i've never been.

My controle of anger is getting quite thin.

That drama queen is nothing like me.

Obnoxious, and rude,with grades below C.

Shes not unique, shes nothing great.

Shes another person with a soul so fake.

I dont need your attitude, and lies.

Your fake smile, and your wanting attention cries.

While you look pretty in pink i'll go back to black.

dyed hair, black nails, because baby, i'm back.

Fish net stockings, slipknot shirts.

you give me attitude? hell i've got worse.

Big black boots, black studded pants.

long stripped socks, baby i'm back.

I've been replaced? Does it look like i care?

You've got something to say? do you really dare?

You can go rot in hell for a matter of fact.

because only the devil knows, Kaila is back....

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