Appeal .... 12Aug06


THE WORLD running through her mind

and she's caught between the pages

and the subversive thoughts.

she's trying to caress her way out of this one,

using her big brown (or blue, as it may be) eyes

to steal their hearts of steel.

but she's still afraid of fear

and the hazy city nights draw her in

and her stomach drops.

but she puts on the shimmering eyeshadow

and walks--stalks--out the door--


but who's buying it??

her own demons swallow her sometimes

but she knows that fight

ain't seen on the other side.

prancing along, the world in her hand

solving this and sabotaging that

the twinkle

others often mistake for joie de vive

is just the mischievousness she doesn't know to hide

oh, the choices one makes!

the chances to reinvent

a new act to put on for each person she meets,

when she'd rather live in a fairy tale.

dashing around corners

--in leather boots--

trying to find a way in,

...or get the hell out.

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