My Hero


I've been searching for a hero to rescue me

I have been a prisoner for so long, I want to be free

so one by one the men came in their knight in shining armor

but it just wasn't right cause my heart kept getting darker

wasn't there anyone who could save me from this prison

that so long ago I decided to lock myself within

all that I thought a hero would be fell to pieces on the floor

and I found out who was the real hero who would save me once more


He's my hero

who hung upon a cross

nails in his hands and feet

and his head filled with thorns

he's my hero

my savior and my friend

Jesus Christ

my personal superman

he has come to save the day for me so many times before

he has glued my broken heart so many times how could I ignore

he doesn't have a cape, he doesn't fly around the world

but you can find comfort and saving in his word

he may not have an S written on the front of his shirt

but you can be sure that he has come to heal all your hurt

it may not be the rescue that you were waiting for

but he will give you all you need and so much more


my superman's secret identity

is the one who died on a cross on calvary

died to save me from sin and set me free

sacrificed himself and died for me

he is forever the only hero I idolize

he is the one I call to when my heart cries

he is my Lord and my savior, the only one for me

the silent hero that set every single person free


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Jesus is my one and only hero.

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