Monthly Archive for August 2006

Title Type Pen Name Comments Categories Date
Vini Vidi Vici Poem jgupta Aug 29th
Waiting On Grace Poem jwc82490 Sexual Aug 29th
*Oh, she's nekked" Poem oh_so_odd Aug 29th
"Sure they do" Poem oh_so_odd 1 Aug 29th
"Listen Buddy" Poem oh_so_odd Aug 29th
"EXIT!!!!" Poem oh_so_odd Aug 29th
Why want they let me be? Poem ozzypoemgirl Aug 29th
THE POET'S LOVER Poem palewingedpoetess Aug 29th
Things Remembered Poem phil_carcione Aug 29th
Countenance Poem poetic_kylie Fantasy/Magic Aug 29th
Hear me Poem poetic_kylie 1 Song Lyrics Aug 29th
Her mind Poem poetic_kylie 1 Short Story Aug 29th
The Scented mist Poem poetic_kylie Word Play Aug 29th
I think i.... Poem poetic_kylie sadness Aug 29th
Your letters.... Poem poetic_kylie 2 Aug 29th
You bring me to life Poem poetic_kylie 1 Being Loved Aug 29th
Paddling bully Poem randyjohnson Comedy/Humor Aug 29th
August 29, 1986 Poem randyjohnson youth Aug 29th
To-gether (1953) Poem tonymoreno23 marriage Aug 29th
Papa (1930) Poem tonymoreno23 Missing You Aug 29th
Papa 2 (1930) Poem tonymoreno23 Missing You Aug 29th
Remember Every Promise Poem TREXPATTON Devotion Aug 29th
Wasting Time Poem twisted_reality42 Life/Living Aug 29th
Last Poem wolfangel87 1 Aug 29th
Untitled -- 8.29.2006 Poem wolfangel87 2 Aug 29th
Til Death Hath Claim Her Poem wolfangel87 1 Aug 29th
Never to Live Poem wolfangel87 Aug 29th
The Wiccan Elements of Nature Poem wolfangel87 1 Aug 29th
A Chance Poem wolfangel87 2 Aug 29th
The Blind Artist Poem brokenfairy 1 Aug 30th
We die to live... Poem brokenfairy Aug 30th
I shouldn't encourage others to fly. Poem brokenfairy 1 Aug 30th
Behind the Smile. Poem brokenfairy Aug 30th
Sweet Sins. Poem brokenfairy Aug 30th
THE BEACH KNOWS Poem chris Nature/Environment Aug 30th
CALL ME TONIGHT Poem chris Song Lyrics Aug 30th
SINCE YOU PUT IT THAT WAY Poem chris Song Lyrics Aug 30th
WE GO TOGETHER Poem chris Song Lyrics Aug 30th
18 on 84 Poem crkkos youth Aug 30th
Open Up Your Eyes Poem dakotadarkhorse 1 Political Aug 30th
From Hell to Helsinki Poem dakotadarkhorse Faith Aug 30th
Androgynous Words Poem Aloris Hidden Love Aug 30th
Beyond the touch Poem humanpulse 1 Aug 30th
Onomatopoeia Poem kiwi_jiwi Drugs Aug 30th
Untitled -- 8.30.2006 Poem nighthawk21 Aug 30th
Untitled -- 8.30.2006 Poem ninesevenoh4 Aug 30th
down for the count?.... Poem no_ordinary_chick 1 Aug 30th
EYES OF RAIN Poem palewingedpoetess 2 Aug 30th
Much Love and Concern Poem pamschwetz Aug 30th
Stacy Poem randyjohnson death Aug 30th
You should show your wife more respect Poem randyjohnson Anger NonViolent Aug 30th
Left Hand at the Center of Attention Poem Sivus Abstract Aug 30th
Promised Rest Poem trumpet7 inspiration Aug 30th
What It Might Have Meant Poem wishful_thinking Aug 30th
Everything Will Be Fine (By The Light Of Life) Poem wishful_thinking Aug 30th
Ode to Nameless Poem wolfangel87 1 Aug 30th
The Last Kiss Poem wolfangel87 1 Aug 30th
Desolate Beginnings Poem wolfangel87 Aug 30th
She Poem wolfangel87 Aug 30th
The Soldier and His Love Poem wolfangel87 1 Aug 30th
Seas of Snow Poem Juliet8 Aug 31st
****** Poem bowiegirls_eye Aug 31st
The Asylum Poem brokenfairy Aug 31st
The Loneliest Girl Poem brokenfairy Aug 31st
Which is more powerful? Poem brownelizard Aug 31st
America Anew Poem dakotadarkhorse Hope Aug 31st
Fishing in the Middle of Lake Chargoggagoggmanchauggagoggchaubunagungamaugg Poem dakotadarkhorse Political Aug 31st
Love is Suicide 8-31 Poem dancewmoonlight Aug 31st
So Damn Sad Poem deathflavoredgum Aug 31st
Monosyllabic Meaning (In Triplicate) Poem eleutheria0501 sadness Aug 31st
language of love? Poem feyfire13 Lust Aug 31st
Tigers and Fires Poem feyfire13 Lust Aug 31st
Windows to the Soul Poem feyfire13 love Aug 31st
See You Round Poem feyfire13 Missing You Aug 31st
Undeserved Crown Poem fighter4life religion Aug 31st
Till I Draw My Last Breath Poem greenmeadow Being Loved Aug 31st
'06 Soothing Emotions I Poem Joel 1 Aug 31st
Fill in the Blank Poem jwc82490 love Aug 31st
Grave Poem lonelymemories Aug 31st
`Walking Time Bomb` Poem mack619 Anger Violent Aug 31st
Hope Poem meghna1609 Hope Aug 31st
Your Cocaine Poem misunderstoodshadow Missing You Aug 31st
THE LETTER I WROTE BUT NEVER SENT Poem palewingedpoetess Aug 31st
"Shame On Me" Poem passionaterider Aug 31st
"Bookmarked" Poem passionaterider Aug 31st
pretend it was different Poem rashmiitz Aug 31st
The Difference Between Making Love And Having Sex Poem red_razor Aug 31st
Mary Magdalene Poem ruth_x_less Anger NonViolent Aug 31st
Thoughts of O Anna Niemus Poem truths Aug 31st
how Poem vazb Aug 31st
Insomnia Poem wolfangel87 1 Aug 31st
Abyss Poem Letty467 1 Acceptance Aug 31st