Without you

Sometimes I don’t know what to think,

Maybe I just didn’t give you enough?

Right now my heart can’t help but sink,

The smooth edges have now begun to feel rough.

Was I really just an obligation?

I guess now you don’t have to worry,

I’ve begun to feel this liberation,

Now my thoughts don’t have to be so blurry.

I just want you to know that I’ll miss you,

I’ll miss the way that you kissed me,

I’ll miss the way our feelings felt so true,

I’ll miss the way you made me feel less empty.

I’ll miss the cute things you always used to do.

I’m not sure what happened and when,

But everything slowly began to break,

I just wish I could’ve seen it then,

But instead I just had to wait.

As time went by the hurt got worse,

You stopped missing me when you went away,

You didn’t seem to care if I wrote another verse,

It seemed you needed me less every day.

And now I see you had so much control,

With love, sometimes you just have to learn to let go.

You can’t be afraid to let your feelings free,

I don’t know why you kept yourself from falling for me!

I hope you know that I’ll miss you,

You were the first girl in my life to truly hold my hand,

You were the first girl to keep me from feeling blue,

I’ll always remember the great times we had,

It’s just going to be hard for me now because I won’t have you.

Perhaps it is best this way,

I guess you live and you learn,

I just wish you had more to say,

As much as I confessed, you’d hardly say a word.

Maybe that was your way of blocking me out,

You tried to keep the feelings locked up tight,

You kept them behind your wall and wouldn’t let them shout,

Until they were silenced forever, never again to see light.

I miss so much our long lost affection,

I’ve never felt such things before,

I found out you never wanted to go in that direction,

That’s why you never wanted anything more.

And so I’m left here up late, beat down and writing,

Knowing now I have to give up everything I was trying,

You even said you’d try too, but now I see that was untrue.

Even though for weeks, the hurt you drug me through,

I will miss those beautiful moments, now that I am without you.

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