~Because He Cares~

I know that there are many things in this world  so very wrong and bad

And that you'd already gone through some of your own share of this and that by now

As I am  sure that sometimes some or most of this can make you mad

So please seek and pray to God and He will always help you somehow!

I know that often enough we all tend to forget  that is not just  us

The ones who suffer and go through so much strife and also bad times

Let remind you  one more time  as you  may already know this by now

That we are still living  in a world  full  of  so much sin and darkness

Like when bad thing happen to good people we can't  figure that out

And we tell others and ask to ourselves what's all this really about

But always remember that no matter what, God in the end is the one in control

And not Satan at all, even when sometimes it seems that God plays no role

I am so happy to believe and know  that there's  a loving God everywhere

He's there for you and me, I pray that you also believe in Him, because for you He cares!

Dorian Petersen Potter

aka ladydp200



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