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Chicago, IL, USA

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I have my BA in Fiction Writing with intentions of pursuing my MFA in Poetry or Publication in the near future. My first poem was published at 16... haven't stopped in the almost ten years since. I attended Poetry workshops all through college with intentions of a double major but at the time Fiction called to me so heavily that I ran with it. Now I'm working, watching paint dry, collecting cats, owning red things, spraying my sheets with linen spray before sleep, finding good music to fit my moods; basically just messing up and having the chance to see that life really does keep moving on.... with or with out me. I'm just a standard, self-doubt riddled writer with an ability to convey thoughts and emotions through words. I take that gift of mine and spread it throughout my life until it is such a thin sheet that it covers everything. Then I spin around in circles and hope for the best under the big blanket sky.

About My Navel

In and out. There's not a doubt. That life once would through it flow. And here now ends my poemy-show. (I haven't changed this since I first wrote it, no intention to start now)

Favorite Stuff (poets, poems, quotes, hobbies, etc.)

Favorite "Traditional/Classic/Most Beloved" Poets: Plath, Sexton, Poe, Hughes, Williams, Angelou, Dickinson, Silverstein, Cummings
Favorite "Recent/Modern/Still Alive and Producing" Poets: ROSS GAY, GEORGE KALAMARAS, ANDREA GIBSON, LISA FISHMAN, and MAGGIE NELSON.
Favorite Poetry Anthologies/ Poetry Books I Sleep With: "A Treasury of The World's Best Loved Poems" by Avenel Books NY and the SECOND EDT of "250 Poems; A Portable Anthology" assembled by Peter Schakel and Jack Ridl
Favorite Poetic School/ Movement/"Genres" (I use this term casually): Confessional, Beat, Slam


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