who was it that said, Ignorance is being able to read

but not making the time

the mind is a wondrous machine but made by a complex


I'm in love with life's little in consistencies

for they tend to keep me on my toes

and standing firm while in its worst of confusion's

frantic throes

with episodic accuracy we distance ourselves from

any point that's closest to pain

making all real emotions informal and seemingly

voracious and vain

making forgetfulness a point in the favor of something

to gain

such intricate workings are quite common place to the

broadened brain

if I knew the proper practice and procedure

would systems yet to be strung be capable enough

to cope or endure

perhaps I am inadvertently romancing a small piece of

the present's preventable past

note that in the role of underdog I have had myself

suitably cast

try as I might I've at last torn an old thought

once and for all in two

and as quickly, managed to quell the urge to take

delighted refuge

as carefully as I can pen so to execute

I'll make the call that calls the shot

making the point of clarity seem relatively moot.....

(written Feb 24,1992 pm)

Author's Notes/Comments: 

thinking again a bit too deep for one so young.

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