* Honey Lovin *

Exotic Love Poems

               Hold me  tonight

              kiss and caress me

               tight with all of

               your might babe you

             are my knight that i love

             to treat so oh very  right ,

             I just love  & long   to  

           pour honey all over chest let

              you rub it onto my breast

                 let the juicy good

               ness  slide and drip

            down and cover  our thighes


                for the best ride  of

               our  lives let our juices

             explode into the unknown as my

               moans and screams of passion


           go and gain so out of control from

          this glazed honey lovin of pure fun

That is so romantic  and  lushious to the both of  us .


     *  Written By GT August 11, 2006 :*) *


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Dreaming of  sweet
fantastys to share with
the man of my dreams  that   i  cant
stop dreaming of and thinking of and yes He
has a clue of who he is
or  better yet if   He doesnt then i can  get
a quick laugh in for it

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itsmesowhatofit's picture

This is very sultry, awesome! (Check out a song by R. Kelly called Honey Love) This a good start to a possible romance novel, good work!