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Art, Psychology, Indian totems, Astrology, and I have a fascination with Religious orders and Divinity as it pertains to theological rhetoric and debate.
My best times are hanging out with my friends...new ones and old ones. I enjoy studying Indian Spirituality, Asian Astrology, the Zodiac any kind of art related work, painting, sculpture, printmaking etc. I am a writer & artist by birth, an open book by choice. I have wrote most of this poetry since Dec. 29, 2003. Most of it is anger and my attempt to heal through a very difficult time in my life. Normally, I would delete it, but the work involved and the time consuming of it, I could not throw it into the winds of cyberspace.
Please, do not be alarmed if several different names appear on the poems, I declare that they are all mine unless otherwise posted. (Such as giving credit for lyrics, or inspirations.) Due to circumstances, I have had to use several different pen names. The Lynn file is my largest, and I can only say that much of it is what I felt at the time, the romantic beginning, life, then the final breakup, and I am not proud of all my anger. However, I think it would discredit me as a writer just to delete it as a separate file either.

By the Grace and Love of Christ, I am with the Love of my life, Evette, and she is my rock here on this Earth. She has been blessed with patience and I am sure I push her nerves to the limit most days, lol. We were engaged October 15th, 2008. Much has happened during the engagement, including my brush with death. I spent about 12 weeks in a hospital with Osteomyilitis, and infection of the bone after a surgery. I was on IV fluids at home for another month. In as much, I lost my hair during the ordeal, lost over 60lbs that I eventually gained back, and took nearly a year to get back to the standard of strength I had prior.) Evette and we married October(10)-10-2010. SINCE our wedding, a LOT has happened but the one "noteworthy" item is that I've lost 125lbs, as I had a gastric SLEEVE surgery. I have a LOT more to loose, but that is a journey I WILL finish.

To all my readers and friends~~Peace.

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My dad said everyone had belly buttons, because without them, everyone's ass would fall off. I don't know, but I think mine has, friends tell me I belong to the "NO ASS" club. LOL!

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In order to have a primary relationship--one has to fight their second nature. (I wrote it.)

''We don't see things as they are, we see them as we are.'' (Anas Nin 1903-1977)

''Do not speak ill of your enemies, afterall, you are the one who made them your enemy.'' Chinese Proverb

"Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure." ---- Marianne Williamson


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