I loved you so much Ian!

How can I write a love song,

When I love you so Fucking much?

It seems there are no words,

that Describe Your God-like Touch,

You made me believe in Sun-Rises,

Even when the sun has set,

You showed me I can live,

even after the Path is set,

You showed me I'm Beautiful,

After all the Years I've Grieved,

You showed me you loved me,

even if my beauty I don't Agree,

Your so Precious to me,

like Life is to others,

But I'd give it all up,

So we could be with each other,

Because I could Easily Lose you,

That's my One Major Fear,

It Feels like I've known you forever,

though it's only been two years,

You Drained Away my Sorrow,

the one feeling I had,

Replaced it with love,

Knowing it makes me Glad,

I had so many problems,

But you make them go away,

Your just so Amazing,

A God in everyway,

Your so Hansom/gorgess,

Your Beautiful,

And when you touch me,

I feel Delicate Pretty and Small,

The Amazing Months I've Spent with you,

Makes me only Wish and Dream,

That We'll be together Forever,

No Matter what has been,

I feel I don't Deserve you,

You deserve Something more,

But I'm not Letting you go,

Your Mine! Forever More,

I Love you so Fucking much Baby,

Your all I think and Adore,

Please say You'll keep me,

Just you me and Forever Nothing More...

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21 July 2006

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Ian Garner's picture

Where has this gone

Dont let it go

We should be together for so long

I think I better go