ejaculate envy of a fallen soldier


how does it feel to never have the voice at the other end

even if it just to hear a familiar echoing on what you can do on your own

if the analog transmission become interrupted in the quiet of in between beating hearts

without allowing for the pattern to come to a completion as it was written in the starry sky

through the heavy dragging of the unstable flight of melting temperance

the twinkles that danced  vanished without making its usual eviction

wrapped up in plastic destruction

under the melted face of my own glossy echo

unearthened by the underwater compromise of the guttered enchantment

thrown into the tarnished unprocessed underlow of the numbed stream

out from beneath the phoenixed crimison illusions

my illicit sparkling diamonds scratched the envy of your ivory normalcy

and transformed into a surreal charity of open airways of self neglected reflexes

its dismission is more painful when it lingers so brightly with its sharp plastic teeth

forced to entwine themselves into the eccentricity of the blended shadows

and have left behind only the modified shavings of firefly stained memories

and its only the uncertainty of self-salvation

that brings you drooling for the last drops of the watersource

to preserve yourself from your own fears of premature and  scathed annihilation

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