Angel of Mercy (Apostles pt. 2)


Still walking the streets of this baron Earth,

Regretting this happiness that I'm not worth,

A heartbroken sting, a love's rebirth,

Unimportant to you, is that the truth...

Imperfection shown within this lifeless stare,

Respect for those who were never there,

A shattered mirror, and the darkest prayer,

A feeling of sorrow that cannot compare...

I let you beat me until I am no more,

I let you call me an unreasonable whore,

My love for you, you just ignore,

Forever I will remain yours...

A mangled heart that you have torn,

A tattered smile, mistaken and worn,

I wish that I was never born,

With you as my rose, and I it's only thorn...

This is not real, how can it be?

Bind my ankles, don't set me free,

I blind my eyes so I can't see,

The unreal pain in front of me...

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Hmm...I like it your really good i love all your pomes lol

Kason Enre Nvidiade