would you? could you?

Believe me when i say

i wish i could be with you for the day.

Lets wander off just me and you

Find something more interesting to do.

But do you want to be with me?

Is it really that hard to see?

Are my signals really that hard?

Or you just dont wana go that far?

I'm reaching out for you

Hoping you feel the same way too.

Dry my tears when im sad

My true love, your all i have.

Wrap your arms tight around me

Your torchering my heart, i wish you could see.

But do you feel everythings alright?

Do you think we'll ever fight?

Could you love me for who i am?

Could you picture me as more then a friend?

I've been waiting for what seems to be eternity

wanting to know if you really want to be with me.

We dont have to feel alone anymore

We'd have eachother, thats all i'm looking for.

please try and understand

That i only want you to be my number one man...

would you want the same thing as i?

Could you give love another try?

Would things still be the same?

Or do you think your feelings would change?

Dont leave me hanging by a string

I need you more then anything.

I wish you could only see

How much you really mean to me...


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