Give Up


all chances of "forgive and forget"

are gone.

you lost that right qhwn tou

lied to me- again and again and again

such a continuous pattern, I'm

so dumb cuz i didn't notice

things like "where you been?"

["out and about, babe." "you know me, just with the guys."]

eventually, "none of yer damn business."

like that picture of the girl up in

my locker that you introduced me to as

"just a girl." hey, wasn't that where you put our picture?

like avoidance of everything.

now you drive by my house-

to see if you can catch a glimpse

of me or my new boyfriend

you caught me kissing him but i don't care anymore

["i'll kick his fucking ass!"]

like your, "you're my property, bitch!" shit


passing in the hallways i just feel hollow.. nothing..

I still see how you stare

sucking in every tear drop,

replacing it with a glance

shot at me, a note passed-

neither of which i return.

your goal is to get maya or

brian involved, which onl;y pisses me off more

give it up already, because i have.

give it up already, because i won't

take you back.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Mario... he's a stalker!
Peace out,

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