Babies, Not Bombs

A Scar is Born

just returned home after spending the last four years overseas fighting this wicked war,

I almost forgot what America even looked like.

I was stunned when I walked up the monolithic mountain of stairs and found a security alarm and lock on my front door,

Seems to me like this nation decided to give up on freedom and peace and simultaneously go on strike.

Then I thought to myself, "Why do we need locks on our doors, why do we need barbed wire on our fences and gates?"

Those types of barriers and cages are the very things that invite the terrible tragedy and horrible hate.

I walked around to the back of my house to see if that door was open, but it was bolted shut too,

The "no trespassing" signs were shining bright and all the windows were closed so tight that the contaminated air couldn't even get through.

All the welcoming lights and streetlamps were shot out; silence was sadly the only sound,

The once patriotic and proud flag in my landmine infested yard was tattered and at half mass; my family was missing in action and my friends were nowhere to be found.

How could a world once so full of joy and love extemporaneously become so cruel, corrupted, and cold?

A toxic tear spills from my arid eye and falls on this bloodstained soil like a bomb falling from the sinful sky as I watch the truth begin to bend and unfold.

I thought that when I finally arrived back, I would be welcomed with open arms and perhaps even a party would be thrown for me in celebration,

My body is now shaking and trembling in fear as I painfully witness this depressing and drastic devastation and atrocious annihilation.

This morning, I awoke and was eager to come back home,

Tonight, I go to sleep frightened and alone.

Society always seems to automatically open up its legs, so why it is so hard to open up our arms and hearts as well?

Maybe if we find the keys to the locks that cage our most cherished feelings and dreams, then perhaps we can be saved from frigidly free falling to the deepest layer of Hell.

I stood up to protest and the evil enemy took out his rifle and shot me straight in the chest...however, the bullet never reached its desired mark,

It bounced off a metal object behind my ribs, and then I realized that the key to open up my world was all along right in my very own heart.

I reached inside my wound and pulled out that committed key,

I ripped out the stitches through my lips and with a gasping breath screamed, "I am finally free."

...Take our troops off the battlefield, reunite them with their partners in bed,

Let us not make war, let's attempt to make love instead.

Give each soldier the opportunity to see his family, his friends, and his loving wife,

Let us not create death and destruction, let us try to create life...

I finally returned to my country's contaminated capitol after spending my last four lifetimes halfway around the world committing these corrupted crimes,

I nearly failed to remember what this nation even claimed as "true".

I became paralyzed when I arrived to the White House and was satanically signaled to go back home by an army of poisonous pantomimes,

Seems to me that the rest of the colorblind country only praises the demoralizing shades of black and gray and ignores the splendid red, white and blue.

Then I pondered to myself, "Why does society keep a still tongue, why is the tragic truth always concealed by an acid rain cloud of broken promises and lies?"

This type of gobbledygook is formed from the very principles of dropping bombs from the hawk infested skies in an appalling effort to cease the doves' delicate cries while discovering and detonating the demons in disguise.

I hiked around to the back of the building and not to my surprise, a security guard slapped some heavy handcuffs on my scarred wrists right then and there,

I was merely striving to salvage society and resurrect our rapture, but the rapacious republicans and ravenous robots are beyond recovery and repair.

The venomous vice president is off hunting hopeless humans; silent screams of salvation are the only sound,

The secretary of defense is only selfishly defending himself; our nation's liable leader is off hiding in a cowardly cave somewhere in the Middle East deep, deep in the grotesque ground.

How could a country based on freedom and liberty become so expensive to live in today?

A drop of oil spills from my heart and mixes in a river of blood as mankind observes the sun perpetually vanish away and the sky forever turn to its darkest shade of gray.

I thought that when I attempted to meet the president, he would welcome me with a heroic handshake and answer any questions that I may have had for him,

My body is currently caught in the unavoidable undertow and drifting with the tragic tides…the choice is solely mine to simply sink or struggle to swim.

This morning, I awakened and was fervent about having my voice stridently heard,

Tonight, I close my eyes with my mouth open wide but incapable of spilling out even a single sound or word.

The world constantly appears to mechanically spread its legs, so why can't we spread this planet with peace and benevolence as well?

Perhaps if we discover the delicious recipe for redemption, then we can stop wasting our hard earned money by tossing it in the wicked wishing well.

I rose out of my wheelchair and the crippled war veterans shook and threw their crutches with animosity ablaze in their eyes...nevertheless, their wooden weapons never hit their desired target,

They struck a suspicious shadow right in front of my feet, and then I realized that my entire life I've only been hiding behind my very own shielding silhouette.

I reached inside my chest and pulled out the pumping hand grenade,

I tore apart the sutures in my soul and with my last breath shrieked, "Let us begin the mannequin masquerade."

...Bring our soldiers back to safety; rejoin them with their soul mates once again,

Let us not ride the highway to hatred, let's instead climb aboard the love train.

Allow every troop to once again embrace their closest friends and family,

Let us not continue the tragedy and turmoil, let us grow some brand new, sturdy and benevolent branches on the alliance tree...

I reach inside the chest of America and pull out the palpitating hand grenade,

I shed out of my old skin and with a final breath shout, "You can march into my future and destroy my dreams, but my freedom and fate you will never invade”.

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