there's nothing wrong

I am almost happy to say

should I be sorry for this

why of course, yes way

why carry one's troubles

on such an open air tray

in my realm of reality

there are two nights

for each dreaded day

and I live on this edge

of this precipice of fault

and into such a bargain for belligerence

I have slowly been bought

most creative responses are hard won

yet et droit

instantly over my obvious dysfunction

I become maddeningly distraught

knowing full well there is no makeshift market

in which to dump this self possessed lust

so I push myself a step too far

and chip away at my curved yet coveted crust

because right now getting inside of my inner most soul

is imperative

so for it I'd die just a little

if I must...................

( written Feb 18, 1992 am)

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