The Dinosaur

Behold! The monitors permit

Lakespur to  dump her song,

But to "black Dandy" they forbid

To post, - is there aught something wrong?

Methinks  it is,- but I ask why

Dear Lakespur can post sleeze,

Is it her own? Or is it his,?

I mean of course sweet Chris.

For both of them are closely knit,

And each other complement,

As both of them on hatred feed

That stinks across the land.

In miasmic wafts, the fetor's  spread

Of stench now plagues the  site

By Christopher and Lakespur led

That  slays the AUGUST night.

But Dinosaurs are so immune

To muck and the foul shrieking lutes,

And the most carefully concocted tune,

Of folks against them in cahoots.

But Dinosaur, go on, admit

The stench gives you the gout,

It oozes, wells up from the pit,

As it spreads round about.

But Dinosaur! - be thee content

For thick and strong your skin,

That lets the stench malevalent

And Ordure never in.

© Elizabeth Dandy

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is in reply to a hate poem.

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Ruth Lovejoy's picture

great reply to a hate poem because it lets the other person know though the heart is hurt by words,the spirit is strong and will not allow itself to be crushed by the unthinking,unfeeling and insecure other. yes,thick skin like the dinosaur is sometimes a must...