Your Love and the Ocean

English whispers

Maybe I have a stupid hope to love you

Or maybe my love is just a dream will never end

But I have more precious dream my love

Is to forget your love or to live without my life

Once I waked from my deep sleep

I found myself walking in a complex maze

I found that no way to reach your eyes

I have two ways..

To fall in an ocean

Or to fall in your love

I chose to fall in the ocean

Because your love is deeper

Your love is stronger

Your love is more dangerous

Your love doesn’t have directions

Doesn’t have dimensions

I can’t sail in your love

I can’t choose my directions

I can’t find the end

I will ask the sky to pilot me

I will ask stars to guide me

I will ask the wind to drive me

I will ask the waves to hold me

But before of all

I will ask your heart to surround me

Yara Mohammad


02:43 AM


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