Dedication to Terrell Pough, A Daddy

Dedication to Terrell Pough, A Daddy

This world has lost another...

this world has lost another daddy.....

he was a good one,

he was a good father.

and the one who killed him,

does not know how this daddy,

loved to feed his daughter,

and he loved to be with his little girl,

and he loved to make faces with her,

and how he loved to sing to her.

This person that gunned this daddy down,

doesn't know that this man, who was just

18 years of age, was close to graduating,

raising his little girl, with some help....but,

really doing a fantastic job.

He loved to be with his daughter, and show her

things, and sing, and hold, and play with her.

He loved to smile at her, and laugh with her,

and call her name, and tell her "I love you".

This world has lost a great Daddy,

among so many, that so many children will

grow up without.

This world has lost an honest, loving,

hardworking, caring, phenomenal, yet,

ordinary guy....but, whose love, was

always there, for his girl.

Terrell Pough, where ever you are,

hold your head up high, you were a fantastic

human being, because not only did you

try, you did, what so many parents don't do!!!

I lift my arms out to you, and I shout to the

skies above me"You are loved, and never

forgotten! You are a reminder of what people

should aspire to be....A good dad! Your own

daughters' hero!"

Peace, Love, and forever good thoughts

about you!

So mote it be!

Author's Notes: by lilwinky

Written Sun November 20th, 2005

I just found out that a young man in Germantown Penn, was shot and killed. He was featured in a People he may have been thinking "I'm not a BIG deal, !" but, you know, there are alot of people that do NOT step up to the "Plate" and care for their children as he did, and I wanted to write a poem in memory and dedication to him.....I just want people to know, that Daddy's are IMPORTANT, as much as the Mommies of this world, and that he was a good father!!! This poem is in memory of him...and also dedicated to the ones that have died in Iraq, and or in the line of duty, and in other areas of this world as well!

Daddies, you are our heroes, and we miss you and we love you alot!

Thanks for taking care of us, when you could, and being there, when we needed you so much!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is a dedication to a young man, shot down...he was a great daddy! You are loved and greatly missed!Terrell Pough, where ever you may be, May God Bless you!

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