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well first off writing.Its been a big part of my life after my mom past away in 2000. i LOVE music.it also helpt me through alot of stuff.

Well my name is Kailamarie. I'm a 20 year old native goof who loves laughing and joking around.Sometimes people dont know if they should take me seriously, Until i laugh or something. I enjoy the little things in life.Smiles,Laughs,hugs. I love colorful things.Anime,and other shiznit. I have 13 piersings,and 3 tattoos.And yes i will get more done!!

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my poems yet sad and depressing, but true. Just be glad this isnt you. Things to smile for, but mostly not. Trying my best to be greatful for what i've got. When you see me walking alone and scared, When you see my clothes all riped and tared. Think of the things i write about and say. Think about just living one more hateful day. The poems and storys i write from my heart. This isnt the ending. Its just about to start...

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i paint a fake smile onto my face.Pretending i fit in with any other nutcase..


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