Tax Tenor Drink Fib in Hypnotic Culture

Social Interaction

Shoddily shabbily zealously greedy

Skeletons out of cupboard seedy

Guess, who counsels man, upside down.

Spoil his one and only companion

Partner for life very own!

Open secrets, limp culture

Drown Syndrome!

Is it the tax adviser?

Consultant, who ruin happy home!

Con, Full of Ideal State Machinery, siphon.

Interlock forcibly untruth chain.

Thus, trigger conflict, to secure win.

Fabricate cases to fiscal gain.

Self-employ, lawyers’ is sure not a bane!

The so-called Legal Representatives

Bully those who abhor nuisance.

Victimise persecute innocents.

For peanuts and a dime to earn

Divide and rule sole chime

Accrue via non-ethic in

Legal Gibberish, tone!

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