To My Daughter


   I am sorry I have not being a perfect mother to you

    and i know you ask me why you have a disease and in

   a wheel chair and its hard for me to give you the answers

    you want except that i know you are special and you

   are loved and your mother has made mistakes but have tryed

   to give you everything you needed and love, A friend

   told me lastnight we don"t know why these things happen

   they just happen but i belive God knows and knows you

   were special and you are my little girl whom I love

   with all my heart and God has gotten us both through alot

   of trials and hardships well i guess i shouldn"t say you

   are a little girl you are women now but in my eyes you

   will always be my little girl and I want to say to you

   Tammy I am sorry for the things you think i have done wrong

   to you but it was hard on me to see you have to suffer

   and mom just didn"t quite know how to cope with it but

  please know I love you and i am proud of you, you are

strong and we are alot alike in some ways God made you


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wow this touched my heart, this is completely amazing you sound like a wonderful mom and your doughter is lucky to have you keep up your amazing writing