Little 1 Foot Toys

I could sit inside of these 4 walls

Hiding from the hatred of the world

As each bomb and plane falls

Secluding a scared little girl

I could sit and tremble all alone

Worrying about what could be

Jumping up to grab the phone

Expecting the very worst degree

Lock the doors because I’m scared

Of what may lurk around outside

Knowing no one’s really there

But I could continue on to hide

I could hide my life away

Being secluded and afraid

Or live it day by day

Proud of the choices that I’ve made

Because I don’t have time for fear

And neither does my newborn

For him, I need to be here

No matter how the world turns

Cuz I can wrap him in my arms

And wipe away each tear

I can try to fight away all harm

But he won’t live a life in fear

He won’t be hiding behind a closed door

In fear of what takes place and when

To him the only kind of war

Will be with little green army men

He won’t be confined to 4 walls

From this world that is destroyed

And the only bombs and planes that fall

Are little 1 foot toys

Author's Notes/Comments: 

From the destruction and mourning of 9/11 to the present-day terrorist threats...let us not live our lives in fear, for we have little ones that must live their lives by the day.

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