Please leave/stay.

You always said I was the type to never go far,

Well now darling, I'm leaving, you can just be another scar,

On my alreay bruised and damnaged limb like arm,

The contract never said anything about being harmed.

So now leave, no I want you to stay,

I can never make up my mind, you know I always get this way.

So indecisive, so crazy for you,

So incisive, I so hate you.

Please go with your tangled hair and never come back,

Please stay with your sweet prayer and always come back,

I'll never look at you the same as long as you go away,

I'll never look at you with shame, as long as you never go away.

I hate you, you hear me!? So why don't you leave.

I love you, you hear me?! So why don't you let this be.

I am nothing for you, so don't call me yours.

I am everything for you, so always call me yours.

We fight way too much and we never agree.

We get along so well, I know you're ment for me.

You're everything I want,

You're nothing I need,

You're nothing I want,

But you're still everything to me.

Yes!, you're still everything to me

I'll never admit it but it's you I still need.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I had the idea of this poem for a long time in my head, and I think I did well at actually putting it into words.

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