Dear U.S Soldiers....

Dear U.S.Soldiers,

I was just thinking about

you guys the other day....

I wanted to know, how you

are doing, if you are okay..

if you ever miss us, on

"ye old American Soil?"

I was thinking of the days,

when soldiers would

go off to war,

far away on another

"mind trip", thinking

and hoping and praying

and wishing on the

days ahead...

what had they

thought of....

when they trudged


I may have been "mind

wandering" days

in Vietnam...where you saw

your comrades, who were

too weak to fight again.You

patted them on the

shoulders, and comforted

them, and let them

know, you were close by.

They were gonna

" be okay", , and that they were

"safe" , forever, from the and forever....

I was recalling what little

history was taught to us, regarding

the "Real War"...that we students,

never "knew" of...the stuff, that even the

Government didn't want us to "know"...

the all too real horrible stories,

that were flown back with the soldiers

that that were somehow, still trying

to get their "bearings" straight....

Remembering those that went,

were drafted, and those whom

just like us, as human beings, with

with intellect, tenactiy, vivacousness,

and a zest for life,

were never coming back.....

I was thinking of you that,

came back and recalled,

every flashback, in a blink

of an eye, without missing a

beat, save for the tears of

frustration, and trials that besieged

you in those long frightening years

and times.

I am thinking of you, now, and

always will be....the few

the strong, the incredible,

the anguished,

the mighty,

the great,

the shy,

the brave...

the humanistic


of our times...

and more....

As Always, You are in my mind,

and so many more in this time

and era...

Know this...




You are never alone....

you are thought of,

and cherished,

and regarded and


Where all the soldiers have gone before...

may we have love , reverance, gladness, and

strength to give them through out the years!


Author's Notes: By lilwinky

Written Saturday March 15th, 2006

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