Your Name

uttered into

the quiet solitude

of the night

a prayer

whispered to the wind

it soothes my parched soul

as it passes through lips

while i tremble with need,

kissed with each coming

of crystal dawn,

embraced to chase away

the coldness of midnight

and exhaled in desire,

the melodious sound

lingers on my tongue

sweeter than the thrill

of anticipation

diffusing from me

to create a vast horizon

painted by my love,

a simple word

spoken for no reason,

your name

fills the void

in each chamber of my soul

it engulfs me in your presence

from a breathed word

the most precious of all

held against my heart,

only your name

makes me forget

all other words

until i would know

nothing more

Author's Notes/Comments: 

...i whisper it to drown out the longing .. and now my soul knows no other song ...

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on this
i loved it :*)