Are there still echoes of my hello in your heart?

Does that thread still run straight between us, that spark, that endless hello?

Or have you drowned my voice in the lake with your hopes for me.

If it cries out to you...will you look inside yourself and to see me there?

Will you hear me?

Are the echoes still vibrant

Or have they faded to nothing?

Have they become the aftershocks of the greatest quake

The Big One, I knew was coming

But chose not to see.

How do you let a hope die?

How do you let your voice fade and be hollow?

A slow dying breath

A memory planted in the earth.

I don't know...but am perhaps learning.

So go to him,

Embrace him.

I cannot protest.

For all I am now is a ringing empty space

A sad, slapped clown with no voice

An echo

You choose not to hear.

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