Fenwood Stride

I can remember what the night smelled like,

    It wasn't long after the preshow laughter.

I can remember what it might have felt like,

    If this might have happened if I might have had her...

I can still feel the insecurity

And my heart in my chest,

I swear it was the best,

On the heels of a fucking genius

But not quite good enough,

Not quite needing this.

I can still feel my greed

And the pain of just not being there,

Letting this slip through our fingers

Until I took you home.

Long walks have never been so short

And it was all we could do

Just to force conversation,

As if we were both so close to exploding

With the love we wanted to share

To the point where it almost seemed bitter.

And so we gave it up...

We were defeated and the night expired beautifully

To confirm it.

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