:*( Numb :*(

   :*(      I am such a loser chum                   :*(

               Living like a bum

               numb and still I

              am nothing but scum

:*(                                                    :*(

              so  completely undone

            My body so bloodly fieded

:*(         dumb and compared to none                :*(

              numb as a greedy  ton


:*(            killed &  pilled

              & billed and  framed

            by the dangerous son  of                    :*(

      run that did all in the game  of   fun .

      *   Written BY GT August 10, 2006  *  :*(

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this poem when
I was depressed  and upset sbout something it had me thinking all
neagtive not  even wanting to live no more
wanting to end my life
the quick and painfull
way but sometimes  we
all go thru this  bad
points in our lives it
just happens to us all

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