Daring not to Dream

I don't want to sleep again for I don't like my dreams. They are the same as before but different. I am fine for once, truely fine, but I am alone in a spider's web that I created and there is nothing but silence around me. I can only see this cold glairing and uncaring light that blinds the world, I could die of boredom in such a world.

Soon it fades to a sea of pain from a limb I no longer have. My heart contracts harder and harder against the pain in my chest, and my left leg is gone but pain still there as my lower back aches yet again. I can not work. I have no money or hope. Things are looking down and if I dream I realise it. As long as I remain awake I can deney what reality throws in my face, but when reality becomes the dreams one can no longer have a safe place to hide.

Case number 775 workman's comp lower back injury, sprain near spine on left side accopmanied by a pulled muscle. Standard treatment return for light work, come back friday... a number a diagonsis but not a person ... maybe I am not a person but a machine that dreams of being human but never will, a broken Pinocio. . . My strings holding me down.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

The back injury is taking it's toll on me as it wears on. I'm trying not to sound EMO but it's getting harder and harder. I hope I can write something happier next time.

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