Shooting Star Love


Long ago in a place far from here

a boy fell in love with a girl.

He told her how much he loved her

and promised her the world.

"But I already live there" she said

"I cannot be given what I already know

but promise me the moon and stars

and I'll let our tender love grow"

So the boy tried to think of how

to get to the sky above

when an idea came to him

that could only have come out of love

He worked hard night and day

to build a rocket so large

that it would take him and her

out beyond the stars

" I cant get you what you wanted" he said

"but I can get you close

the moon and stars will be yours"

and for a second all time froze

She looked at him with softened eyes

as his hand clasped her own

and she kissed him on the cheek and said

" Now my love for you is grown"

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