The China Doll (Poetic Version)


The China DOll (poetic version)

The China Doll,

the fateful small

little "person"

to have come and

gone, n' so short

a while.....

a special present

with a tell-tale


this is a story of

a little girl,

and how her life,

began to whirl...

her father brought

home a special

gift, it was a doll,

that went "adrift"!

Nobody knew

the things that

brewed , inside

of this dolls mind...

the doll had been

a "baby" before,

t'wasn't the last

time, she'd hit

the floors!

The little girl, loved

her so, and brought

her everywheres..

but, the doll had other

thoughts, and plans, n'

would constantly


One morning it

vanished, after a good

nights rest,

the child she searched

for it, and there it

lay on her



Her mother , who did

not breathe , was rushed

to the hospital, that very eve'

but, if you looked , a

bit nearer,

there was a smile

on the doll, t'was

more severer'!

The next night,

she was snuggled up

tight, while in the bed,

with her mama,

but, never fear,

look here, look there,

that doll, was out for


Quickly, quietly,

oh most, decidedly,

this doll just wouldn't

stay still,

the very next morning

when the girl woke up

she found her doll ,

by her dad's window


Her dad's health

had taken a turn,

he rushed to the hospital

as well, ...

but, as the little girl sat,

waited where she was at,

she wondered,

why she suddenly felt

such a "chill".

As she sat, and waited to

see her parents, a certain

gleam came to the eyes

of a little silent doll,

that sat in the hall,

looking scarier than she

should seem!

A Nurse, passing by,

had just happened to spy

and see this doll's

gleaming eyes....

she turned to the

girl and said

"my look at her eyes!"

Your doll looks so alive,

I can't hardly believe, !"

and the girl screamed

started to cry.

For the doll had a smile,

that was larger than most,

and for a doll to change smiles

That in in itself , is no joke!

The girl said "Please take her

I want her to leave! I think

she's the reason, that my

parents were seized

with horrible illnesses, and

they had to come here,

please get rid of this

doll, it's her , that I


So, the Nurse took the doll, and

she threw her

towards the sea,

and the girls parents ,

recovered, and

all lived very joyfully.


SHould you ever chance

to see this China Doll,

please, , oh, please,

don't scoop it up,

at all!

Author's Notes: BY lilwinky

Written Saturday May 27th, 2006

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This story used to scare me, but, it was a fun much fun to hear it as to tell it..and change it all of the time!

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