Read You, Talk Me

I can sense pain. The second you walk in the room my brain sets itself up to recognize any hidden agendas or things you are hiding. Your terrible secrets, I find them. Unfortunately the drawback is that I get sick. The bigger problem of that is that I've been getting too sick lately. When I get this "sickness" which I refer it to as a sickness only because there is no other terminology that I can benefit from to help you understand, regardless of that statement, the "sickness" does not occur in my stomache, nor any other organ that normally gets sick. It comes from the chest, my heart and lungs mostly. I sense the emotional pain of others and interpret it as a physical pain for me until I solve it for them. If I fail at said task, my body rejects me, and when I say it "rejects" me, what I mean is that I get sick to a point in which I believe I am going to die. Why? I don't know. How? that's unexplainable. When? It's dated further back then I can remember. I have grown to accept the fact that I can't enjoy some things as they are if just one person is hiding something. A psychic experience? One might say so... I don't like talking about it though. At all. I'll deny the fact that I'm any different then that guy sitting at the end of the table who has everything put into place in his mind. I'm not special, don't think what I have is a gift, its a curse. It can be used as a gift but most of the time its a curse, how can one just go over and talk to a friend about they're deepest darkest secrets without someone thinking they're crazy. It's a bit absurd when I think about it myself but I don't question my motives anymore, they lead me to a healthy life, well as far as healthy as I can be assured of.

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hey hunnie this is amazing and i get right where your comin from cause we both have this decease the one where we need to help others before our selves and i love this it is true feelings and i've never met a guy who can word things the way you do
love babe