Gone Like That

Four years in the rearview mirror:

The summer smell of Boston, its people, its places

The frostbite of January chewing at uncovered skin

The never-ending drizzle of Spring

The all-day evening feel of Fall in all her colors

Springs, winters, leaves of green to gold- left behind

Now bathing in that late summer New England breeze

Windows wide open,

Watching them close with each fading ray of warmth

A life built, a comfy place made;

Now condensed into brown boxes

Leaving a place the same is never possible

Something changes, grows, dies, fades, renews

That nail left in the wall is a nail left in my soul

Someone different will use it, remove it, paint over it

But in the end, it was there.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I'll be moving back to Texas this month after 4 years of college up here in Boston. This is just a short reflection as I'm packing everything up.

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