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Bristol, United Kingdom.

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Reading, writing, gaming, collecting anything Masamune Shirow, foruming and collecting artwork.

I'm married to John Murray. We met online and we've maintained a relationship that way with visits throughout the year. We were wed on the 14th of May, 2005.

I'm a very emotional person, often wearing my heart on my sleeve with consequences both good and bad. Sometimes I wonder if my poetry reflects too much on personal circumstance even if I don't mean it to, but it's the way I portray myself and help others to understand me.

Looking to hopefully have something published one day. We'll see. I don't believe my work to be of good enough quality to do so.

My favourite poems of my own are: StrawberrySundaeSunday, A Perfect Dream, I can't be your strength, My Sun, Just One and If I opened my eyes. (Seems a lot, but compared to the amount of junk I've written, I think I've cut it down a lot!)


I moderate the forums of the 8bit Theater online comic, made by Brian Clevinger.

I own and look after my own roleplaying website/world. which is currently under construction.

You can read my public journal, nothing barred:

I'm a sucker for silly websites and I'm on Gaia Online as RaiRai and Neopets as _rairai_.

I also play Ragnarok Online. (Private server only as Gravity screwed me over. Pah.)

I welcome Emails or Private Messages Via AIM: TempestSirocco


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It's a small inny, longing to be peirced.

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Our wings wait. We just need to learn to fly to reach them...


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