So Many Just Don’t Know

So many people just don’t know, when they die, where they will go.

For there is a Heaven up ahead, and there is a hell below to dread.

So many people just aren’t sure, where they’ll spend for evermore.

But there’s no need for us to fear, for the Word of God is very clear.

It is not something to be ignored, for all men will soon see The Lord.

All men will see Judgment my friend, when this life comes to an end.

Open The Word and you will see, there’s much to read on Eternity.

Some may even be surprised, if they would only open up their eyes.

There is indeed a Hell to shun, eternal darkness that’s far from fun,

It’s not the place of one’s desire, but a bottomless pit of eternal fire.

There is indeed Heaven to gain, God’s time ahead of eternal reign,

Where we will reign from Paradise, in the presence of Jesus Christ.

Some will be judged for their life, on how they lived for Jesus Christ,

Others shall be judged for unbelief, and for them there’ll be no relief.

To outer darkness they’ll be consigned, away from Christ for all time.

But by God’s amazing Grace, for all believers He’s prepared a place.

Many will go where they go, simply because they chose not to know,

Instead choosing to believe a lie; nothing happens to us when we die.

Whether or not they want to believe, the Truth of Eternity all shall see.

But much too late to choose to know, where in eternity they would go.

(Copyright ©08/2006)

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