Higher Ground

This day you can have abundant life, through The Lord Jesus Christ,

As many men today have found, their feet planted on higher ground.

High above this earth that we trod, planted by the very Hand of God,

The ground, on which we stand, is the Eternal Rock, the Son of Man.

Guided with loving staff and rod, up to the Lord God’s heavenly sod.

Friend it was God who loved us first, and gave to us a second birth.

When found upon a fallen earth, God placed upon us special worth.

Living an abundant life of joy within, as Christ lifts us above old sin.

Christ will dwell in us down here, and in our heart He’s always near.

By His Grace God guides our steps, high above the valley’s depths.

A full earthly life is one thing friend, but how and where does it end?

Just Who or what sustains your life, if it’s not The Lord Jesus Christ?

And should you have a time of grief, where do you friend find relief?

For a sure place, there’s only one, that is God’s Only Begotten Son.

A stable land both now and when, the present one comes to an end.

Christ is the only stable ground, where a lasting peace can be found.

And it is not an earthly peace, and coming from God it will not cease.

All this is held together by The One, we all know as God’s Own Son.

And heights which we can ascend, in Christ Jesus will have no end,

While Eternal Life is our reward, for standing high in Christ our Lord.

(Copyright ©08/2006)

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