helenistic heathenism

brought on by the freedom's slave

tell me how to free the people

a giant nation's knave

bombs away and have a drink

don't you know it's the american way?

don't you know it's the american way?

fighting for democracy

dictators inside you and me

bow down

bow down

bow down

and kiss the glove

watch the news and come unglued

another world another problem

a third world

on third base

now it's loaded

blown up in our face

why fight for freedom

we have nothing

fight for justice

we don't have the luxury

what the fuck is evil

what the fuck is fate

loving to learn

learning to hate

television barbarism

fighting for our righteous cause

wait a minute, don't forget it

set our lives to pause

so we can bow down

bown down

kiss the glove

bend to the nation

suffer the chains

a simple lie

is a simple high

so powerful is love

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