mr good DraWers

naughty ramblings

from the calm way you kissed my forehead and told me your intentions in the nicetyest way possible and waited til i was ready to sleep swollen and silently begging you would do as you said that night to the attentive way you completely understood when it was time to submit being bound in my lust fairy lair... damn i like fucking you

from the way you kiss me eyes wide open and inhale me and bite my jawbone near my earlobe and caress beneath my breasts and see the rawest most animalistic version of me as beautiful to the way you make me not want to be invisible when we do what we it's just incredible

from the way you know to not allow me to fall in to the same routines and encourage me to explore without pushing but inspiring a new way, our new way to the mind bending intercourse that's not always physical but certainly grips and wraps us together in a mess i don't want to get out of

and when you're drained and i am spent, we linger in the zone...

i smile cuz it is instinct to feel this way when two become one

i smile cuz it is this spark that brightens up my day

i hope that our highest heights can exponentially emulate this tone

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