I thought I could trust you?

I thought I could trust you?

I thought I could

Trust you

Because we’re

A family or

Suppose to be.

But I guess

I was wrong I guess you’re

My cousin

Because you have

To be. One expects

That when being

Adopted into

A family. But

Never in a million

Years did I think you’d

Turn your back

On me so to speak.

I guess I thought

Since we grew

Up together. Went

To school together.

I could trust you

Forever! I thought

Whatever we did

Together was our

Secrets forever

Unless we said it

Was okay for us to share

With another.

You go and tell

Your dad I was

Texting you too

Much by me just

Joking around

With you saying things like

I Love you on a

Daily basics

By texting you.

Don’t you see? the only

Reason I did it is

Because I miss you!

If you wanted me to stop

Texting you why

Couldn’t you be

Man enough to

Tell me? Instead of

Getting uncle hub to do

Your dirty work for you?

To be that’s being shaddy

And you really hurt my heart!

I guess we’re not as close

As I thought we were?

I know telling somebody

About texting is a little thing

To be hurt or upset over

But what really hurts me is

If you told that I was texting

You how many of my

Other secrets have you

Revealed to others?

Aug 15th 2006,

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Sue Mceachern's picture

im really sorry that your cousin betrayed u like that. sometimes boys are very inmature. its to bad that u had to find out like that but atleast u know now that u can no longer trust that person.