a journey i don't not know/fight what you are taught/ WRN?1134am/su/11/13/06

the new ones

go away go away go away!

but oh,...

my sighs fall stiff in the air

come back come back come back

finatlity foams over my words

and this earth would quake

as my heart would break

of a farlorn promise

peek on your lips

go away run from this desolate place

come back t obreath my cherry and lace

the air screams of betrayal

stained face, with blood brown and stale

but blood is the only thing that cures

it brings life

it gives life

to those who even do not seek

in the blood and air

in aworld un faire

but who is really just

which one of us must?

my star my star

his star his star

he painetitly waits for my death in full

generous his is

the suicide i commit each day and out

is not he one he paid for

because wheater he's pursuing or leaving

my heart still is greaiving

holds to and claps

all things at mass

but it was writti on my heart that i should puzzly be apart

go away go away goaway

come back come back comeback

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