Decibal Decimal Point

Run-On Sentences

...and it's clear awareness of unity, supreme ultimate unity of infinity is reaching polar unity because you have to say, "the universe," everything. But it's all ONE universe. Absolutely contradicted with our perceptions of infinity, but perhaps the illusion is that there's somebody beyond the universe, but the universe IS everything.  It is what it is and the problem with "everything" is that it's only a word. Us as humans will only be fully satisfied with something to see. They never integrate themselves. I am ONE. And in that one is infinite potential. And it is clear that infinity is unendingness. Constant change. I am always changing through evolution, and as I unfold, I see this change as "constant," a complete contradiction. But I'm not constant, I'm conpletely NEVER indeed One. Because I am infinty, because I am not Matt in constance, I am at each second passing through time, as my perception of things happening become memories. just as human evolution started with One, "Ultimate Pangea," that unexplainable "beginning," evolution of humanity, and all other things at their own pace and points in time stand out, as ours passes and unfolds it goes from species to race to individual... and at our point with the concoction of LSD modern man reaches a point where the individual's evolution is deeply catalysed, and in society with our country's and world's new collective moral and cultural direction, comedy in subtle bitterness for this modern rat maze of a society, morals now aware and leaning towards human diversity, emphasizing the individual from race. Mathematics ties withour perceptions in a way that with the creation of science our perceptions gained the viewpoint of quantity. But math still never explains infinity, never grasps it fully, only stretches out into a long diagram pattern. 1,2,3,4,5 into infinity. But also its time perception here in numbers and space perception of decimal points, that as specifically distincting one thing from another, or infinity plus one, (which is to say that One exists as one because it isn't anything else. Polar thought in action saying I'm me, as opposed to being everyone else. Incredible.) But in decimal points it shows a faithful role, showing infinity as [1.05---1.25---1.50---1.75--1.90-2] you can take that on into infinity. Numbers are a crutch to help us be able to still have a vague awareness of infinity plus one, or polar unity.

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