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Pretty much i enjoy being me and celebrating my indiviuality with everyone i know. The best words to describe me in a whole are: UNIQUE, INDIVIDUALIST, PERCEPTIVE, LOUD, INTRICATE, DEEP, NIGHTLY, HONEST, LOYAL AND SOULFUL.
Please also note that my poems are based on things i've learned, felt, seen, and just a lot of other stuff so i simply ask everyone who reads my poems to comment on them and/or sign my guestbook and tell me your views/opinions.
Until then, adieu and farewell...


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its an inny and cute...lol

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"My blood is my home and so i live everywhere"
"Embrace death with open arms, for eternity awaits"
"Now there is in all the world, no greater love then mine...."
"The greatest thing you'll ever learn, is just to love and be loved in return..."


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