Morning Glory

"Morning Glory"   8 - 11 - 06

i've spent so much of my life with a bent neck

as to only notice the ground thinking myself a speck

amongst the creations of greater people

that i compared, to an ant, all that i had accomplished

then while relaxing in morning light

i gave the sky a glance

and what do i see but imperfection at work

yet no hand had a chance

of making such art on a flawless backdrop

i stared in awe and wonder

i counted the cotton-soft clouds

i made shapes and smiled to myself

faces and places that have never been

except to me in my mental bend

i inhaled and took a moment

glancing back down for a second

and only this thought was in mind

an epiphany so well defined

no matter how cut the angle

no matter how perfect the plan

there is nothing to compare to nature

especially not the creations of man

Author's Notes/Comments: 

the sky was a perfect blue-on-grays with strato-cumulus clouds (the flat poofy ones), just after the pink of dawn had faded

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